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CSS file (2012-11-17 7:26:19)

Where is the css file for webphoto????

Liaise 1.31 (2012-10-8 11:00:00)

This is hack version for Liaise 1.26v1.311. Bugfix(1) all checkbox show the same value(2) in XCL 2.2, show warning in admin pagehttp://linux.ohwada.jp/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=1316&forum=6Changed files- admin/footer.php- class/elementrend ...

XOOPS webphoto module 2.61 (2012-10-5 23:00:00)

This is the album module which manages photos and videos.Exsample: We Love Diving2.611. bug fix(1) NOT add new categoryhttp://linux.ohwada.jp/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=1280&forum=132.601. timeline(1) supoort before 1970 (unixtime) http://l ...

Business Max List (2012-9-11 5:57:45)

A free business marketplace for business owners and suppliers. Find office rentals, services, equipment sales and more for free.

Clear Ad Network (2012-9-11 5:53:49)

A free classifieds site with online deals from top brands. It accepts unlimited ads and has messageboard.

Reese's List (2012-9-11 5:52:06)

A free web directory of all types of quality links. Free membership and unlimited site listings.

Oreo's List (2012-9-11 5:50:51)

A free web directory for people of color seeking relevant websites.

Pull the count of categories (2012-7-1 5:21:18)

How to pull the count of categories onto the index page like count of links? 2345 links in the database99 categories ( need this)anyone?

Re: Google maps api V3 (2012-4-28 5:38:53)

I am also a big fan of Webphoto and look forward to the Google Maps API-3 version. Thx again for a great module.

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